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Game pictures and stats

Kimber, Emily, Katrina, Lizzy, Jayme, and Ashley



06/05/03- Senior Al-Star Game

10 second movie of Jayme at bat! Click here. (this is a large, 4K, file- it may take awhile to load)


06/02/03- Awards Banquet held at The Commons, BHS.

Most Improved: Elinor Burnett-McGarry Most Inspirational: Lindsay Ohm Most Valuable: Jayme Woogerd

2003 Captains: Lizzy Ford, Jamie Woogerd, Emily Paine


2004 Captains: Lindsay Ohm, Trish Perrin

Around 80 people came in celebration of a fun season.
Please click here for 50+ photos

05/18/03- The webpage has been completely redone. Enjoy! Click on VARSITY ROSTER below to see individual pictures of each player. Each player posed for 2 pictures: a serious one, and a "funny" one. A also posted last year's web picture for those who were on the 2002 team. Kristin and Eleanor somehow missed the webpage photo shoot-so I pulled pictures from the games.

Playoffs: Click here to see the brackets for the Kingco District playoffs. The games start Tuesday May 20th at Hidden Valley Field in Bellevue (112th and 24th NE).

Click here for the WIAA State site: Follow the 4A State Tourney-- or the 3A Tourney here. Brackets will be posted May 25th on the WIAA website. State games are played at Sera Field in Tacoma.

RAIN! Several were commenting on this year's rainfall. As those of you know that have browsed my personal website, I have a complete weather monitoring system. Here are the rainfall figures for 2003-and for last year:


Total Rain Days with Rain Days over .1 inch rain

MARCH 2002

2.25 16 8

MARCH 2003

2.96 20 12



APRIL 2002

2.35 14 9

APRIL 2003

1.92 16 8



MAY 2002

.86 10 4

MAY 2003

1.05 4 2


TOTAL 2002 5.46 40 21
TOTAL 2003 5.93 30 24

05/14/03- Another great game-- and another win. A great way to end the season. Click here for game photos and stats
SPECIAL BONUS: "Here we go..." movie. Click here

Click here for photos at the BBQ that The Paine's hosted immediately after the game.


  2003 Varsity Roster
   Daily Notes

 Click on Name to go to the game

3/19: Woodinville
L: 6 -14

3/24: Bothell
L: 0 -13
4/1: Eastlake
L: 1-11
3/28: Franklin
3/31: Garfield
4/2: Inglemoor
4/4: Juanita
L: 3-10
4/9: Lake Washington
L: 0-6
4/11: Redmond
4/14: Roosevelt
4/16: Woodinville
L: 4-18
4/25: Bothell
L: 2-8
4/28: Eastlake
L: 0-10
4/30: Franklin
W: 9-2
5/2: Garfield
L: 2-9
5/5: Inglemoor
L: 2-8
5/7: Juanita
L: 4-2
5/9: Lake Washington
L: 2-3 (8 innings)
5/12: Redmond
W: 4-2

5/14: Roosevelt
W: 8-3


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