01/01/2002- Welcome to the year 2002! It will be nice to leave year 2001 behind-truly a year that no one will forget with the terrible events of September 11th

The month of December started out with the unexpected death of my former mother-in-law, Ginger Whittier. Gretchen and I went down to Eugene to support my son Kevin and his mother, Gail. We did take a picture of the 3 of us:

Kimber's soccer season finally ended in early December-wet and "fun" for her, but absolutely miserable (COLD and wet) for the parents!

 full-sized photo


Our family has a tradition of spending a December night going out for dinner and attending a Christmas play-usually Dicken's A Christmas Carol. This year we went to a parody, Investigating Carol. Since we were going to California for Christmas (see below) we gave the kids their presents at dinner (Kimber got a doll with skies, and Ryann got a toy set of tires.

Ah..Could this mean a ski setup???

What is this? You say..tires???


It was nice for all 4 of us to get away to visit my parents in Laguna Nigel, even if just for a short time. Gretchen, Ryann, and Kimber went to Tijuana, Mexico one day while I stayed home (I went to Tijuana with Ryann when we were down in 2000). I did manage a quick walk on the beach-and when you see the pictures, that could be me surfing-or not!

Surf's UP

Nice homes....

Is one me????

My Aunt Alice Grady (Dad’s brother’s wife) had a wonderful party on the 23rd and we got to see cousins, and their families.  [Yes, there may be a TEST on who all these people are, and how they are related!!]


We celebrated Christmas in California with my parents-and Dave Thomas and Carol were co-incidentally in California visiting his mom, Barbara( my Mom's sister)- so that side of the family joined us for a traditional prime rib dinner.


One of my parent’s favorite moments of each day is watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean in front of their Laguna Nigel home. I captured this moment perfectly:


The year ended with Dave Grady, my cousin from Albuquerque, and his wife visiting his family in Seattle while I was visiting his (Aunt Alice is his mother) in California! But we did have a quick lunch with Dave Thomas:


Finally, we year ended very strangely- as I was backing my car into my garage, I heard a “snap,” and when I got out in investigate I found a snapped bolt. But I didn’t know where it came from. So I got back into the car to finish putting it away only to find that I had NO STEERING. The next day we determined that 2 of the 3 bolts that secured the steering gear to the frame had snapped. I was so fortunate that this happened when I was backing into a garage-rather than speeding down the freeway. The car is now at Jeep, waiting for new bolts!


FOR THOSE IN SEATTLE: Here are some interesting weather notes for the year 2001: The mean high temperature was 60.3 degrees, with a 91.6 high in August and a 28.9 low in February. We had 2 days over 90 degrees- and 2 days under 32 degrees. The average wind speed was 5.9 miles per hour, with a 54 mile high in December. Finally, our famous RAIN: 30.63 inches for the year with November being the highest month with 8.64 inches. We had 130 days with at least .01 of rain (this is really just a trace), 72 days with over .1, and 5 days with over 1 inch.



12/16/01- Thanksgiving pictures finally posted  Click here!  

Also, our bi-annual Christmas letter was mailed-I do not have a current address for a few. If you are one of these, then click here.