11/30/01-Dave Thomas and I attended the Husky-Stanford game- a really beautiful afternoon (see picture). November's highlight for us is always our Thanksgiving Feast.

Every Thanksgiving for the past 12 years we have closed GRADY'S and invited friends, and friends of friends, anyone without a place to go, into GRADY'S to spend a wild a fun day-Christmas decorations are put up, lots of turkey and lots of surprises (this year, our niece, Lauren, supplied a lovely violin serenade!  And this year we fed 64 people with 50 pounds of turkey and lots of great food supplied by our guests.

The other highlight of November is the end of the Husky home football season- this year the Apple Cup (vs. Washington State) was played in Seattle. The result a Husky win, and the biggest day ever at GRADY'S.
Click here for November pictures.