APRIL 2002

April started out with my cousin, Dave Thomas, and I attending Opening Day of the 2002 Mariner baseball season. Safeco Field is a great place to watch a game!

On April 19th I flew done to Laguna Niguel to visit my Dad. We started off with a dinner with Dad's friends, Bill and Sally Lisle and their children. It was the Lisle's wedding anniversary, and would have been my Mom's 84th birthday-the two couples have jointly celebrated together for years.. Sister Jayne and husband, Scott, joined us. What a . Later in my short stay, we visited the sight where my Dad's new condo is being built (be done by December 2003). Later we went to watch Jayne's daughter, Becka, play soccer-and then on to a BBQ at their home where Dad taught Nate how to play Dominos.

Scott referees in his spare time-

Becka is there somewhere

Nate was a quick learner

The burgers were as good as they looked!

Just a big hole now!

Before I returned to Seattle, we went to Dad's local church where the flowers that Kathy, Jayne, and I had ordered were displayed in the memory of Mom's birthday. Later, Dad works with his roses.

Gretchen took a long weekend with her sisters and her Mom at sister's Deborah's cabin at Long Beach on the Washington coast. And, finally, our Sunday BBQ's are in full swing. One Sunday, the "boys" played a little basketball while waiting for the burgers to cook (we have an open BBQ every Sunday for Ryann's and Kimber's friends-this gives us a chance to see Ryann)


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