JUNE 2002

June started with the early graduation of our longtime neighbor, Parker Nicholson from high school (his school, Seattle Prep, has a program where juniors can graduate a year early if they (1) have enough credits; and (2) go onto to Seattle University and complete their high school senior/college freshman year the following fall-an excellent program for those bright kids who are bored with high school-about 30 kids took advantage of this program). Parker is Kimber's age- his sister Tara is Ryann's age--longtime friends.

Then one night just before Kimber's junior high school year ended, she was kidnapped and taken on a overnight "orientation." She was elected (yes, she actually ran against someone) Senior class Secretary/Treasurer-and each year the outgoing ASB officers initiate the incoming officers.

June also saw the beginning of Kimber's U-18 Softball Summer league. Unfortunately, this year her season was shortened by a served twisted ankle-as well as games cancelled by bad weather. My son Kevin's mother, Gail, and Gail's sister or Kevin's aunt, Carol with her 2 kids joined me at GRADY'S for a quick dinner. It was nice to see them and get caught up on what has been going on in their families.

Finally, Kimber and her 2 friends, Ashley and Emily, took a 2 day trip to visit 3 Oregon colleges: Willamette, Oregon State, and Oregon. It was the girl's first time visiting colleges. When in Salem visiting Willamette, we had dinner with my cousin's daughter, Melissa Norton, who is a senior [sorry, no pictures :-( ] We left Seattle on a Wednesday, visited Willamette on that afternoon followed by Oregon State and Oregon on Thursday. Friday morning I put the 3 girls on a train bound for Seattle- and I headed southwest to Coos Bay to visit Kevin and Tamara. They purchased their first home recently-and, as you can tell by the pictures, they live in a beautiful country location. The highlight for me was getting to mow there front lawn on a riding lawnmower that they have acquired-they have 11 acres so it took awhile.


Parker getting that magic piece of paper

Ryann and Tara

Nicolson family

Father and son

Brother and sister

Kimber surprised by "kidnappers" with water guns

"Get dressed and leave NOW"

Off to a secret location

Kimber on crutches

Keeping score for the team

Chris, Gail, Carol and kids

Early call for continental breakfast

Oregon State

University of Oregon


Kevin and Tarama's home

The Barn

On the hill behind their home

Now this is FUN!

The good life...

Front view with the lawn mowed

Oregon Coast


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