Kimber's 4 years of soccer ends at the Awards dinner

We host our 13th annual THANKSGIVING FEAST again at GRADY'S. This year all my family (Dad, Kathy and her kid's, Kyle and Sara with her friend ,xxxx, and Jayne with Scott and their 3: Alex, Becca, and Nate.

Dad and Gretchen hanging lights

Sister Kathy Covell

Loving sisters

Chris and Gretchen giving the HU's of First skit

Gloria, Kimber, Ken and friends

Angela and Magnus

Lauren and Sue

We also had a rare, anmd fun opprunity to have a private tour of the Dale Chilluy Studio by good friuends Michael Brey.

This table is made from ONE tree!

Chuluuily also has an extensive basket and blanket collection

Gretchen gets to blow her own!


Blowing glass

Michael explains- Sam and Ryann listen

Dad has questions

Ryann and Sam inspect

Finally, we had a family dinner at the Seattle Tennis Club

Cousins: From the left, Nate Reitan-Grady, Sarah's friens, Kimber Grady, Sarah Covell, Kyle Covell, DAD, Ryann Grady, Becca Grady-Reitan, Alex Grady-R

Carol and Dave Thomas, Becca Reitan-Grday, Auntie Barabara

Jayne, Kathy and Kimber




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