Softball ends- and soccer begins. Pictures are of first couple games

Our good friends, Gregory and Kathy May, invited the Nicholson's and us down to their "farm" in Yelm, WA. The highlight was a rabid game of paintball, followed by a little go-carting. Fun day.

In full gear!!

Parker Nicholson



Finally, I went an my annual trip to Washington DC to lobby with the State of Washing Restaurant Association. This year I visited Williamsburg and various Civil War sites south of Washington.

Ceiling of building in Colional Willamsburg

Another Grady relative

Armistead resisdemce in Willamsburg

Patrick Henry skit

Civil War

Baseball game in Baltimore

Chris with college friend, Bill Alberger

A visit to Baltimore always includes a viist to Fort McHenry, where my great-great-great-great grandfgather, Colional Geortrge Armistead,

Group in front of Old Post Office before dinner

Vietnam Memorial looking down the Mall toward Washington Monument

I brief visit to the National Mesueum of Moderen Art

The group with Washington's representative, Jennifer Dunn.




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