APRIL 2003


04/19/03- Kimber has been very busy going through the college selection process. Last week, her Spring break, we visited her 2 final choices: Willamette University in Salem, Oregon (which I attended fir three years [1964-1966] before transferring to University of Oregon for my final year) and the University of Santa Clara in California. Both a similar schools- smaller liberal arts colleges. We had visited both schools this past summer-now we visited them again since each school was having a Preview Day. First to Willamette on Thursday and Friday. we drove down Wednesday night after her softball game concluded. Thursday morning we visit3d with a biology advisor- then Kimber attended some classes and spent some time with my cousin's daughter, Melissa Norton, who is a graduating senor. Then Kimber joined the official school sponsored activities at 4pm which included an overnight stay in a sorority, and more class visits on Friday.

In the meantime, I drove another 3 hours south and west to Coos Bay to visit Kevin, Tamara, and Makaila.





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