JUNE 2003


06/13/03- Kimber's graduated today from Ballard High School-she will be attending Willamette University in Salem, Oregon in the fall. We had a large contingent of family and friends that attended the ceremony held at the Seattle Seahawk's new stadium. Kimber, as Senior class Secretary/Treasurer, was the co-host. 2 short film clips below illustrate her duties (these are .mov files). These are large files and will take quite a while to download if you use phone lines. If you have cable access, go ahead. You will need the Quicktime player http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ Just UNcheck "receive data from Apple..." and hit download button.

Click here for Movie #1 4277kb
here for Movie #2 4253kb
here for Movie #3 3167kb
here for Kimber's name announced as an graduate! (very short, partially cut off) 520kb

After the ceremony, we held a reception in our home. Then Kimber and friends climbed onto buses for the Senior Spree which was an all-night function that included a visit to a "funplex," bumper-car racing, and a hypnotist. Then home-arriving at 8:30AM. See the last picture below.


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